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"The instrumental four-piece AKU can best be described as an experiment of multi-genre madness."

-Marc Gabriel, Rochester City News

            Formed in Rochester in 2019, AKU is an Instrumental quartet blending multiple styles including Prog Rock, Neo-Soul, Metal, Math-Rock, Jazz Fusion, and Electronic.

Every member of the band brings a unique set of sounds ranging from influences such as The Mars Volta, Animals as Leaders, Strawberry Girls, Victoria, Nerve, and more.

    On the eve of releasing their debut album "Solipsism" the band is already well into recording the next batch of material. Recorded in their hometown at Wicked Squid Studios, each of their singles can be streamed on all major platforms. 

     Aside from their top-quality recordings, the group specializes in high energy live performances highlighting each members unique voice on their instrument while presenting a unified and massive sound from the stage.


AKU: To Open; To Begin; To Become Vacant

Spawning from the primordial abyss beneath Rochester New York, a rising force emerges on the musical shores of the North-East. 

A Band at first heard on the whispers of the Genesee, the earth now trembles before their sound. This quartet of sonic leviathans forges a path which levels all that came before it, Their true awe must be seen first hand in order to be fully understood.

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